How to Make Your Clothes Look New for Longer

It’s a known fact that clothes are meant to deteriorate and eventually to be replaced by some new ones. But what we don’t know, is the fact that with proper methods of washing, drying and ironing or steaming, they could look like new for a longer period of time. Extending their life may give us some advantages such as saving money and time shopping. Therefore, if you want to increase the life of your clothes, this article will show you what you can do in order to enjoy them for more time than you usually do.

Washing Tips

Whenever you want to wash your clothes, you may consider sorting them based on color, type of fabric and cleaning instructions. Also, you can select towels and linens together so that you don’t mix them with the usual clothes. Furthermore, you will have to check the laundry to see if they have any stains and remove them with special solutions. Another great tip is to turn your clothes inside out before washing them because this will prevent the outer portion from gradually fading. Likewise, you can add fabric softener to the washing machine and select the washing cycle that is appropriate for your clothes. There are some fabrics that need cold water or gentle spin. Don’t forget that warm water tends to shrink the clothes and to blend the colors.

Drying Tips

After the garments are washed, you have to prepare them for the automatic dryer. Just as you sorted them for the washing machine, you also have to sort them for the dryer. As a tip, you should not place too many clothes in the dryer, because they will cluster and this may affect their fabric. After this operation, you have to select the desired cycle keeping in mind that higher heat, although it dries the clothes faster, it can also damage them. Be patient and wait for them to properly dry.

Ironing or Steaming Tips

Once the clothes are washed and dried, you have to remove the wrinkles so that you wear them. An iron will get in direct contact with the garments and this may affect its fabric, but if you have no other choice you can try to start at a low temperature and then set the appropriate temperature settings. You can also spray water while ironing to create dampness and remove wrinkles easily. On the other hand, if you have a steamer, then you can be sure that your clothes will be more protected, especially the delicate ones. Because a steamer doesn’t make contact with the fabric, you will decrease the chance to burn it. Also, the garment steamer will ease your work with clothes that are difficult to iron.