Must Have Equipment for a Functional Home Gym

If you are among the people who have a home gym, then you know the importance of physical activity in our everyday life. Having a home gym has various advantages and some of the best include the fact that you don’t have to spend money for going to the gym or the fact that you can easily work out whenever you like and without having to worry about the bad weather. When you decide to buy gym exercise equipment for your gym, you have to consider its functionality and versatility. Here below you will find some must have gym equipment that will definitely improve your workout routine.

Rowing Machine

Having a rowing machine in your gym will give you the possibility to work out whatever you want because it’s very versatile. The machine is very efficient when it comes to burning fat and lose body weight. It also works out the back and shoulder muscles and improves the thighs and calves. Moreover, a rowing machine is excellent when coming to do cardio exercises and it’s suitable for everyone, even though they have back or knee problems. Another great thing about this machine is that the home models are smaller than the commercial ones, so they will easily fit it in your house, even if you’re living in a small apartment.


A modern home treadmill is designed for offering comfort to those who use it and has many excellent features. The machine is easy to use and it comes in small sizes for any room. Also, working out on a treadmill has great health benefits such as cardiovascular or respiratory. Moreover, if you want to build muscles you can use the incline feature that will help you exercise at a higher intensity. Furthermore, you can choose a modern treadmill that can monitor your heart rate or an electric model.

Weighted vest

Lately, weighted vests have become more popular and there are many enthusiasts who wear them whenever they exercise. This is why having a weighted vest in your home gym will allow you to diversify your workouts. This piece of exercise equipment is used to add training resistance to any physical activity and it’s also very efficient when it comes to improving the cardiovascular system. Also, wearing it while exercising will help you increase strength and endurance which will also lead to calorie burning. Moreover, a weighted vest doesn’t need to much space to be stored, so it will fit perfectly in your home gym.