Tips for Straight and Shiny Hair

We spend a lot of our time doing our hair because we want for it to look perfect, attracting attention with it everywhere we go. Having straight and shiny hair that looks gorgeous and is easy to handle is the dream of many women. Unfortunately, without some tricks up your sleeve, it can be rather difficult to achieve it. Therefore, if you want to get some great tips for straight and shiny hair to make it easy for you to achieve the look that you want for your hair, read the following lines.

Apply oils

To make your hair look shiny, you should apply argan oil or macadamia oil on it. You can apply any of these oils on your hair no matter if it’s wet or dry. Apply the oil to the ends of your hair, and do your best to stay away from the roots for shiny locks.

Use sulfate-free hair products

To prevent your hair from becoming frizzy and damaged, make sure that you look at the ingredient list of the shampoo or conditioner that you want to use for it to be sulfate-free. Unfortunately, sulfates are used to make shampoo sudsy, and a lot of them use this nocive ingredient. Therefore, you must have patience and search thoroughly until you find the sulfate-free shampoo that will help you have straight, healthy hair.

Apply heat protectant spray

It’s important that you remember to apply heat protectant spray to your hair before blow-drying or straightening it. The spray will effectively limit the damage caused by the blow dryer or the flat iron, keeping your hair looking healthy. When you apply it, make sure that you spray all over your hair, even on the underside and the top.

Straighten your hair with a salon-quality flat iron

It’s clear that you must use a flat iron to straighten your hair if it’s not naturally like this. But it’s important that you use a salon-quality flat iron when you do it. Otherwise, you will damage your hair due to the uneven heat provided by the cheap flat irons. Also, make sure that you don’t forget about the previous tip, and apply heat protectant spray before you use the flat iron on your hair.

Hydrate properly

Drinking the right amount of water daily isn’t only great for your health, but it can do wonders for your hair as well. Therefore, make sure that you hydrate properly if you want to have shiny and healthy hair that attracts attention with its beauty.